Wednesday, August 5, 2015

quoting post processor...

In the Autodesk CAM products we have the ability to post out the G code, and setup sheets, but what about having something that makes it easier to quote.  Sure, we all probably have templates we use already, but what if we could more accurately and make them always look the same and look professional.
Well, one thing I am going to start looking at and making a series of blog posts on is creating your own quoting post processor that will output into an excel document to help make the quoting process a little easier as well.
So, beginning next week I will start a series on creating this post processor that will apply for Fusion, Inventor HSM, and HSMWorks.

If anyone has input on something they would like to see if it can be put on the quote sheet or anything then post comments on this post and I will see what i can do.

Thank you!

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