Friday, December 16, 2016

Basic speed and feed calculator

****Disclaimer on this one***
numbers given by the calculator are suggestion only...please verify values and everything before actually running on machine!! that the disclaimer is out of the way...

Hello!  I have posted a new script for Fusion users.  Today's script is giving the ability to have a speed and feed calculator in Fusion to help guide people to numbers needs to have proper spindle speed, cutting feedrate, chip load, surface footage and so forth.

See image below to reference which values can be changed for calculation purposes:

I realized last time that people may not know where to put these script files.  So, later i will be posting a quick video on my youtube page to show how to load these scripts into Fusion!

For the download link to the calculator please visit my Fusion Scripts page!

Happy programming!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Putting toolpaths on a sheetmetal part in Inventor

"How do i take this sheetmetal part, flatten it and put some toolpaths on it to send to my machine?"

Have you ever asked this question when using Inventor and HSM?  Well, today we will look at how to do this.

Now, you might it can't be that hard; just hit the flat pattern button and start programming.  This process doesn't work because by clicking the flat pattern button you are basically just creating an imagine of the part flattened and doesn't offer an actual solid body to program from.
So we say...

NO to Flat Pattern!

Instead what we will use are the Unfold and Refold operations.

Let's start with Unfold:
click on the button to start it.
First we pick the face that we would want to stay stationary and everything unfolds from this.
next, (red arrow) we pick the all bends button.
Then click the OK button.

Now, at this point you can create a setup and program toolpaths and post code.  once you are done click the button for Refold.
you will follow the same steps as you did with the unfold picking the stationary face and then all bends.  if you add cut features be sure to add above the unfold so that when you need to update the toolpaths you can just drag the end of part under the unfold and update toolpaths or add new ones and then repost out code.

Hope this is helpful!
Happy Programming!