Monday, August 17, 2015

Compare and Edit in Fusion...Changing default settings

So, in this post we are going to look at how to change the initial settings of the toolpaths other than just expressions.
I am going to use a question that was posed.  In the 2D adaptive toolpath stock to leave defaults to being on when creating the toolpath.  Now, how do we go about changing this default to being off when we are creating an Adaptive toolpath.
Let's dive in!

With a part open and in the CAM workspace; have a 2D adaptive toolpath generated in a part as shown.

Now, in the browser, right click on the 2D adaptive toolpath and select the Compare and Edit option.

In the Compare and Edit dialog you will see pretty much all the parameters that drive the toolpath.  In here is where we are going to change the default of the Stock to Leave option.  At the bottom of the dialog is a little text box that helps to filter by what you enter in.  In this text box let's enter in the word "Leave".  You should come up with 4 parameters in the list.  The last one on the list is the one we are looking for.

Select on "Yes" for the pull down and change the value to "No"; the next step might throw you of, but it is how it works.  Next, right click on the No value, and a pop up will display; on here select the option to "Make all Default".

Pick OK on the dialog, now you will get a warning asking if you want to update the operation and at this point you can do either, but from now on your stock to leave on the adaptive clearing 2D toolpath will default to being off on any new toolpath created.

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