Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Expressions in Autodesk CAM toolpaths...

So, one of the great things about HSMWorks, HSM and Fusion 360 is the ability to customize it to make the toolpaths or information that generates the toolpaths default to values or selections that you want.  Now, what if you were wanting to make an Expression in a toolpath for Multiple Depths driven by the length of the flutes of the tool.  So, that if the flute length was over a certain length it would calculate one way and if it was a shorter length it would calculate differently.

How would you go about doing something like this in the Integrated CAM products of Autodesk?
Well, let's just find out.

First, edit or create a new toolpath.

In the passes tab of your operation; find the section labeled "Multiple Depths".  Right click on the Maximum roughing stepdown value, and select the option to edit expression.

In the Expressions dialog box enter in the following:
tool_fluteLength < 2*tool_diameter ? tool_fluteLength-0.01 : tool_diameter*2

Now, the info to the left of the question mark is your "if" statement and then to the right is your conditional statements; where the first equation is if the statement is true and the second is if it is false.

Now, with that changed you can make this default for the calculation so that any time you go and created that type of toolpath and activate the multiple depths option it will automatically calculate for this statement.

If there are any other values that you would like driven like this you can do the same setup.  When looking for the parameter name remember you can always hold the shift key down and hover over your value input and a popup will show that will have the parameter name.

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