Monday, August 10, 2015

Inventor HSM quoting post processor...update...

So, I am close to having a working post processor for the quoting aspect.  Granted there actually wasn't a lot that had to be changed to create this post.  Most of what I have done is add some user properties into the post processor that will drive into designated cells inside an excel file.
Since the posts actually pull the iproperties from your Inventor file, I can pull some of those parameters out and have them import into the posted excel file.

I will post some pics in another post later this week to show some of what i am talking about.  After I get done with the Inventor one I am going to look at creating one for Fusion.  Since Fusion doesn't have the iproperties and things like Inventor does; I will have to take a little bit of a different approach to creating the posted excel file for Fusion.

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