Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Interactive Post Processor...

So, recently I was shown the interactive.cps that comes with HSMWorks.  I have to say...this post processor is awesome!  and has tons of potential.
Basically the premise is that the interactive post has the ability to call an external form after you start the post process routine.  And it calls the form before the gcode is actually output.
Now, for one thing that I am doing is setting up a custom setup sheet for excel that when i post process it will call this form and then I just have 3 pieces of information that I am logging on it, but what this form allows you to do is create pulldown lists for selections, checkboxes, radio buttons and text boxes.
here is an example of what this looks like when posting:
Now, the inputs can be customized as I have done and later I am actually going to work this into the quoting post processors that I have been working on.

Even though this only ships with the HSMWorks product it can be used in HSM and Fusion alike.

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