Friday, September 18, 2015

saving out simulated stock in Inventor HSM

Found a pretty awesome trick today within HSM.  And actually this capability is in Fusion and HSMWorks (I have verified this).

How many times have you done a stock simulation?  At the end of that simulation have you ever right clicked in the graphics window?  If you haven't here is a pic of what the right click menu at the end of a simulation looks like.
Notice anything interesting on that list?
look at the bottom of the list.

Now, if you are one of those that wishes they could export the stock out at the end of a simulation; then hang on to your seats!
If I hover over the Stock on the list i get another pop out list that gives me the option to Save Stock.

Now, the only save file type option available is .stl file; now luckily with Inventor (as long as you have a subscription) you have access to a mesh enabler to convert an .stl file into a composite surface then Stitching that composite together to create a solid body.

Next week I will cover how we can go about importing the stl file and the 2 steps it takes to create a solid body.

Here is the link to the mesh enabler addin:

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