Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Multiple Setup Simulation

sitting in a hotel room prepping for a training class tomorrow and was looking at stock simulation of toolpaths created in the Autodesk CAM products (primarily Inventor HSM).  A lot of people will ask about continuing stock from previous setups and what not, and one thought that I wanted to pass along was the idea of stock simulating multiple setups.
Depending on the complexity or what have you of the part you are machining (if it derives from a block stock or if you can duplicate the setup and not change the stock just the orientation and stock point).
So, here is what you can do to stock simulate multiple setups.  First, in your part or assembly that you are programming; select all the setups that you have programmed.
Then in the CAM Ribbon; start the simulation command.  with this you will be able to simulate every toolpath and see the actual finished product because it will simulate through all toolpaths without resetting the stock.

Now, once you simulate through all the toolpaths you can turn on part comparison and get a complete comparison of the part to stock.

Hope this is a helpful tip and makes you think about this next time you do a stock simulation.

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