Monday, October 10, 2016

NC Editor for Fusion NC Editor that is free!

So, here is a quick tip to start your Monday morning off with Fusion CAM.

With Fusion 360 CAM when you post code out it goes to the brackets software which is great for text editing.  But, what if you wanted an actual NC Editor to post your code into?  Well, you can have one and it is free!  NC Corrector is the program for you! (thank you to Daniel Lyall for showing this one in the Fusion 360 Forum)

NC Corrector Link:  click here

Once this is downloaded Here are the steps to setup the NC Corrector as your default Editor.

1. go to the Preferences page:

2. Go to the CAM portion under the General group and then hit the browse button by External Editor:

3.  Find the executable file for the NC Corrector software.  I put mine on my D drive:

once you select it and hit Open on the file dialog.  Click Ok on the preferences dialog and then next time you post code it will post into and open the NC Corrector software.

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