Sunday, October 16, 2016

NC editor for the MAC users (currently 3 axis sim limit)...

This post is a follow up to the one from last week.  The NC Editor that i had talked about in the last post was for PC users...but, what about our MAC users out there.  Well, don't fear!  Thanks to a good friend challenging me; I found an NC Editor for you MAC users...luckily it is free as well!

It will work the same way as i laid it out in the last post where once you have it installed.  Assign it in the preferences for you default NC Editor program.  And make sure that you are selecting the executable as well for that default file selection in the preferences.

(edited 4/17/2017)
A good friend brought to my attention that the g-code wizard editor from cnccookbook is MAC compatible as well.  This will be a program that you will have to pay for, but from the features i have seen it will be well worth the money.  Below is the link to the trial download:

G-code Wizard Editor

Happy programming!


  1. CNC Cookbooks G-Wizard Editor is also MAC compatible.

    1. Awesome! didn't know that...I will add it to this post