Thursday, July 23, 2015

Writing expressions in Fusion CAM...

Fusion CAM is the only one out of the 3 that doesn't allow you to "edit expression" yet...or does it?

If you wanted to create an expression in an input variable on a toolpath; you can do this inside of Fusion CAM right now even without the right click option menu.

So, let's look at a toolpath and see how we can do this.

In Fusion, I pull up a basic 2.5 axis milling part that is programmed.  Now, I want to go in and edit my 2D Adaptive operation, and what we are going to look at is the optimal load value on the passes tab.

Now, with Optimal Load calculation I know that by default it is set to 40% of tool diameter, but what if I wanted to change this load calculation?
In working with the other programs I know that the parameters are the same throughout for how you can pull information from other variables.  So, with that if I am wanting to create and expression based on the tool diameter I know that the parameter name is tool_diameter.
In the optimal load input I am going to enter in: tool_diameter * .75.  I am effectively changing my calculation to be 75% of the tool diameter for my load.

Once I hit enter on the expression I can now come back and right click on that input and select make default.
Now, after I click okay, any time i create an Adaptive operation it will automatically default to this new expression, but you will only see the value rather than the equation.

This was a quick tip, so if you are interested I will create another post later listing some common parameter names that may be used in the expressions so you can customize away.

Hope this was a helpful tip!

And until next time...Have fun programming!

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