Friday, November 20, 2015

view X Y Z moves line by line

In the 3 Autodesk CAM products we know that in the simulation environment you can see the X Y and Z moves as it is being simulated.  But, what if i didn't want to go into the simulation environment to see the tool movement?  What if I just wanted to view the Cutter Location information?
Well, let's see how we can do that.
Have you ever expanded a toolpath and see the 3 Children items under the toolpath?  There is that last one that has a file size on it.  If you were to right click on that icon you will get a right click menu.  Towards the bottom of this menu you will see a selection called "View Toolpath".

Once you select the View Toolpath a dialog will display that shows you the type of move being performed, the X, Y, Z moves, feedrate, and spindle speed.  it will also show compensation if you have a different compensation turned on.

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