Friday, October 23, 2015

Quicker way of creating a tool library

So, one thing i hear a lot is there a way to create a tool library faster?  My typical response is "no".  Typically you go through and create the tools for a specific material type they are going to be cutting, and then once you create that library you can export it and work with it in excel to modify for other material types.

One tool that i am working on right now is an excel form that would quicken this process for the initial library construction.
you will be able to fill out the general information in an excel sheet and at the click of a button it will start building a library with the information you give.
It is basically a template file that you can use to build the initial library with and then use as needed for other libraries.

the tool type, tool units, tool material and rotation direction are drop down menus in cell, and the rest is fill in the blank.  If you have a tapered shaft it will automatically build that information into the library template with the information you can see under the tool units info.  There is logic built in that says if the Larger diameter is greater than the smaller then it fills in the proper column with the string construction that will read into the library.

That is just a small insight into this tool.  If you like what you see and are interested in it or even have comments; I would love to hear some feedback.

Once it is completed I will make it accessible on the tool libraries page for download.

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